Market and investment opportunities for the West African agriculture and food market is increasingly dynamic due to the population growth, urbanisation, income growth and higher output services. On an annual basis more than US$10bn is committed across West Africa in agricultural development, food, beverage products and services. But despite the output growth over the past 30 years, supply response has not kept up with the demand growth.

About African Farming’s Agroinvestment Summit

When multiple groups combine their skills and resources, they can achieve much more than what they can when they work alone.” With this in mind and to overcome the challenges, African Farming is bringing the African Farming’s Agroinvestment Summit to London from 4th -5th June 2018. This summit is designed for an array of stakeholders like Government officials and representatives, importers, distributors, agribusiness owners, C-level executives from food companies, trade union members and manufacturers/suppliers of various agricultural equipment, machinery and services.

The summit will also focus on creating a cohesive platform for trade and investment opportunities by attracting key investors and buyers from across the globe

Objectives of the summit

  • Deployment of agro-machinery and technology via OEM partnerships
  • Local assembly investment, challenges and opportunities in West Africa
  • Funding for agro-development and value addition
  • Harnessing, processing and packaging via PPP partnerships for sufficiency and exports
  • Improvement of rural infrastructure that will support agribusiness in West Africa - solutions and challenges
  • Cross-border trading
  • Increasing productivity and output
  • Enhancing knowledge of operating machines and equipment to increase production
  • Knowledge transfer to SMEs wanting to enter the sector or expand their existing business

Key focal point 1: Achievement of integrated finance for African agricultural development via cross border partnerships amongst financial institutions

This topic will cover:

  • Investment banking
  • Venture capitalism
  • Crop insurance
  • Micro financing
  • Other financial opportunities

Key focal point 2: Harnessing processing and packaging opportunity via public–private partnerships for agro-development

This topic will cover:

  • Finance for  the establishment agro industrial parks/farm estates
  • Stable crop  processing zones
  • Practical solutions and benchmark products to address the challenges in cold chain storage and post harvest management systems
  • Opportunities for partnership between private sector and  government 
  • Engagement of youths in productive engagement
  • Standardization boards and agencies

Key focal point 3: How Brexit will affect future trading and relationships. Attraction of foreign direct investments

This topic will cover:

  • Alliances  between government and  global solution providers
  • PPP opportunities
  • Post Brexit effect