• 9:00 – 10.00
  • 10.00 – 10.10
    Welcome address
  • 10:10 – 10.30
    Inauguration & opening address
  • 10:30 – 11.00
    Keynote presentation – Global and national investment trends

    This address will look at promoting long-term finance for agriculture in Nigeria from a global perspective, outlining the opportunities and challenges the sector is facing now and in the future.

    Topics to be covered:

    • Outlook for agricultural commodities
    • Potential areas for new investment in Nigeria
    • The expected benefits from agricultural finance
    • Mapping agricultural finance
    • What institutions are supplying agricultural finance?
    • What are the challenges?
    • What are some of the solutions to these challenges?
    • Emerging drivers in agricultural finance

    Yewande Sadiku – Executive Secretary/CEO, NIPC

  • 11.00 – 11.20
    Networking coffee break
  • 11.20 - 11.50
    Presentation – Coffee Farming

    Dafai Ishaku - President, Coffee Farmers Association

  • 11.50 – 12.20
    Presentation - Developing the next generation of agripreneurs

    With the Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth, we will look at the development of youth incubators, and how research and technology is impacting on the development and training for young people within the sector.

    Topics to be covered:

    • Youth business development
    • Connecting agripreneurs to investors
    • Creating jobs with the support of new technologies
    • The Role of research institutes in mentoring young agripreneurs

    Eric Nyikwagh – Country Representativ, YPARD

  • 12.20 – 13.00
    Presentation – Farm Awareness

    This session looks at general health sustainability, organic agriculture and the development of agricultural business

    Topics to be covered

    • Awareness and Information Dissemination about farming to farmers and investors. 
    • The need for proper Storage & Preservation to reduce Post-Harvest Loss. 
    • Farm Data collation on agricultural commodities and its accessibility to ease the business of agriculture.

    Edu Ogbonnaya – Founder, Farm Awareness for Food Preservation

  • 13.00 – 14.00
    Lunch & Networking
  • 14:00 -14.30
    Presentation - Improving standards in packaging and access to equipment

    Working closely with Europe to establish a code of ethics and standards. We aim to look at how we can strengthen the relationships with Europe and Africa.

    Topics to be covered:

    • European free trade policy & standards
    • How to strength relations with Europe and Africa
    • Raising standards for international exporting
    • Promoting standards
    • Post brexit and the challenges and opportunities for agri-businesses

    Macauley Atasie – MD/CEO, Nextzon Business group

  • 14:30 - 15.00
    Presentation – Investing Jigawa

    Topics to be covered

    • Investment sectors
    • Identifying, promoting and facilitating the right private sector investment opportunities
    • Understanding the language of investors
    • Developing and Implementing ‘hand-holding’ Strategy for MSMEs Development

    Represetative - Jigawa State Investment Promotion Agency

  • 15.00 – 15.20
    Coffee break
  • 15:20 – 15.50
    Presentation – Funding and growing agribusiness from start-up to growing acreage

    Topics to be covered

    • Use of Technology in scaling Productivity
    • Getting the Youth involved in Agriculture
    •  Funding Agri-business Ventures
    • Getting Secured markets for Agric commodities.

    Ayodeji Arikawe – Co-funder/CTO, Thrive Agric

  • 15.50 – 16.50
    Presentation - Intra-border trading across Africa

    This session looks at how we can accelerate growth by improving intra-African trade.

    Topics to be covered

    • Weakness in the financial system
    • Trading impediments, particularly policy inconsistency and nontariff barrier
    • Infrastructure challenges
    • Are women traders affected more?
    • Benchmarks on assessing progress

    David Adama - Program Officer, Policy and Advocacy, AGRA

  • 16.50 – 17.00
    Closing Remarks
  • 17:00
  • 9:00 – 10.00
  • 10.00 – 10.10
    Welcome address
  • 10:10 – 10.40
    Keynote presentation – Access to Agricultural Finance - Challenges and Prospects

    We will discuss international business making a lasting impact on the local economy in Nigeria. Outlining how trade and investment is being conducted through a platform that links global and local businesses through a network of partnerships to enhance economic growth.

    Muhammad Kagu – Group Head, First Bank

  • 10:40 – 11.10
    Presentation – The language of investors

    Learning the language of investors is critical to positioning your farm, product or service for investment.

    This session will look at different types of investment vehicles, banks, impact investment, family offices, private equity and venture capital available for your business, how to measure impact with your product or service, and how your leadership team will help reassure investors in your governance management.

    This session is focused on investor needs and how you can position your businesses to be investor-ready

    • Trends of the big investors
    • Different investment types
    • Measuring impact
    • leadership management

    Dr. Emmanuel Ijewere - Vice President, NBAG

  • 11.10 – 11.30
    Networking coffee break
  • 11.30– 12.00
    Presentation - The medium-term outlook for global agriculture markets

    We look at the medium-term outlook for the global agriculture sector, highlighting the major drivers the sector will see over the next 10 years, what trends will arise and the direction of trade prices. This session looks at the impact of food security, nutrition and natural resources issues.

    Topics to be covered

    • Drivers of agricultural supply and demand over the next 10 years
    • Trends in consumption, production, trade and prices
    • Impacts on food security, nutrition and natural resource use

    William Ezeagu – Asst. Director, Product Development Department, Nigerian Export Promotion Council

  • 12:00 – 13:00
    Lunch & Networking
  • 13:00 – 13:30
    Presentation – Successful smallholder farmers

    This session will look at how to ensure smallholder farmers become more commercialized and profitable.

    Nadine Gbossa - Country Director, IFAD

  • 13:30 – 14:00
    Panel discussion - Innovative Thinking for Green Business in urban Spaces

    Abdul Fatah Sadiq Murtala - Founder/CEO, Brio Green Agro Nigeria
    Ibrahim Bashir - Head of Marketing & Business Development, ATV FZ Co.
    Derrick Osafo - Head of Estate Construction & Management, ATV FZ Co.

  • 14:00 – 14:20
    Coffee break
  • 14:20 – 14:50
    Presentation - Rural transformation and sustainable development through long-term, early stage financing

    Improving rural infrastructure, increasing productivity and creating employment opportunities.

    The urgent need to build successful African agribusinesses through long-term investment and supporting positive impacts at scale. We look at case studies across Africa on the impact of early stage investment, raising agricultural productivity, increasing incomes, creating employment opportunities, and reducing food insecurity, hunger and under-nutrition in rural communities.

    Topics to be covered

    • Increasing manufacturing productive and incomes
    • Increasing benefits of market participation
    • How do we address policy barriers and regulatory challenges?
    • How can we increase investment, and what incentives will attract private investment?
    • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

    David Adama - Program Officer, Policy and Advocacy, AGRA

  • 14:50 – 15:20
    Presentation – The benefits of properly training and empowering farmers, youth and women

    This session discusses the need for proper training of farmers and the benefits as seen from an economic and social perspective.

    Benefits of properly training: 

    • Understanding the job. 
    • Problem solving. 
    • Knowledge of new technology. 
    • Ideas of storage facilities and packaging of their products. 
    • Developing knowledge in new areas. 

    Empowering farmers: 

    • To increase productivity. 
    • Taking production where the market is. 
    • Make farming more accessible for farmer, youth and women. 
    •  Providing good input for farmers.

    Oyeleke Bola Job – CEO, TOPAN

  • 15:20 – 15:30
    Closing Remarks
  • 15:30